Company Overview

Amherst Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company principally focused on launching high value, FDA approved products into the market.

The initial strategy of Amherst Pharmaceuticals is to commercially develop Zolpimist® by positioning it as the alternative to oral zolpidem tablets having a clear and differentiable mode of action based on its unique characteristics:

  • Fast onset of action

  • Enhanced patient compliance and convenience

  • Avoiding the need to swallow

  • Improved bioavailability of zolpidem by avoiding metabolism by the liver

The insomnia market does have certain key unmet needs that Zolpimist® can address. These unmet needs
​would include:

  • Longer than expected or desired onset of sleep

  • Poor gastrointestinal absorption thereby decreasing efficacy of zolpidem

  • Loss of efficacy due to presence of food in the stomach

  • Unable or incapable of swallowing oral tablets

Over the past several years the insomnia market has become more genericized with little product differentiation. The introduction of a product that can be differentiated based on a patented delivery technology and offering the consumer clear advantages, will be accepted and adopted.

The key strategic objectives of the Amherst Pharmaceuticals are:

  1. Introduce Zolpimist® as the technology leader in the insomnia market

  2. To sell Zolpimist® into key markets, such as the international travelers, where its benefits can be fully exploited and developed

  3. To position Zolpimist® as the alternative to zolpidem tablets in those patients where the oral tablets do not work thereby making managed care and their reimbursement restrictions a partner

  4. To manage the company as virtual as possible thereby maximizing earnings